How to Increase Business Revenue and Build the Strong Contact with Your Customers

We sort out lots of information to keep our post informative and helpful to the reader without any information that would be irrelevant and not useful.

Here are 5 tips to Increase Business Revenue

  1. Creating leads is an essential skill of every salesman. A good salesman should be able to identify a good lead or a good prospect, in addition to developing a strategy for turning the prospect into the sale.
  2. Your main goal in any sale is to convert your prospect or lead into an actual sale. You have to practice your sales pitch or sales script; it should be top notch because it is extremely helpful and important in increasing your conversion rate.
  3. It is not only important to be focusing on the new leads and prospects but it is also important to focus on the customers who have bought from you previously or buying currently. These people have already purchased your service or product and are predisposed to doing business with you again.
  4. Bundle Package Strategy. Most likely you already have customers who buy products on the regular bases; therefore you can use the next strategy to increase sales: try to get regular customer to purchase more by bundling several products into packages and selling them at a lower price with a discount.
  5. Revise all the products or services. You have to take a look around the products you sell. You have to determine two buckets: first bucket – products that do sell and make profit, second bucket – products that barely break even or don’t sell at all. It is wise to kill all products that don’t sell and replace them with new varieties and continue to perfect product variety until you’ll establish best sellers.

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Customer Relationship Building (5 quick tips)

In this post we’ll be sharing 5 successful techniques on customer relationship building. Those techniques have always worked for us and we were able to develop some strong connections with our customers employing them. However, we still strongly believe that one main client relationship building technique is always listening to the customer and giving them what they need.

Tip #1: Positive tone. You have to be nice with the customer. You have many ways for communication but only one that can definitely outline your mood and character, it’s your voice.

Tip #2: Listen. In order for you to be successful in communication with your customer you have to be listening to what they want, need, and tell you. A good listener is the person who does not interrupt and absorbs the information provided by the client.

Tip #3: Do it. Simple as that, if you said you are going to do it, just do it! Make sure you supply the exact solution that they have ordered.

Tip #4: Under promise, over deliver! This is our favorite and probably the most exciting. Don’t say you can deliver within 2 days; rather say you can deliver in a week. Just imagine the face of the happy customer receiving the parcel 5 days earlier!

Tip #5: Improve customer service. There are always ways to improve customer service and make it better. Research what your customer service does well and bad. Enhance it with better support and let it help the customer.

All of the techniques are not that hard but require your will to achieve them.

Good luck!