Hiring the Wrong Candidate for Your Business

Many business professional and business owners rely heavily on their inner feelings when it comes to hiring the right person and to some degree it is totally fine. However, usually what happens instead of hiring a great employee they are hiring a great job seeker who is fishing out the employer with his/her smooth talk.

Being able to filter out the right person is surely a tough task to do, however there are several techniques that can help you. You should understand that majority of those who’ll be on the interview are very well trained and ready to showcase themselves in the best possible way to win your attention and like. You should use your logic on this one, if the applicant is so well trained that he/she knows everything and the answers are just jumping from the lips, you should be alert. Although it might not be true that the person is trained, after all you are hiring for a specific job and want the individual to be trained in the right area, however watch out for straightforward answers without emotions. No emotions, is the number one key that gives away the smooth talker. They are focused only on getting the right answers therefore they forget to show some emotionality.

Majority of HR professional assessment centers and corporate HR professionals know this trick for many years and it is hard to escape from not being caught when the professional does the interview.

According to the researches and the HR experts, hiring the wrong candidate and having to fire him/her, might cost business to lose somewhere between one and five times his/hers annual income including benefit plan.

Here are several important questions that should help you analyze your actions when hiring, ask yourself:

– Can you be certain that an applicant meets the needed criteria?

– Have you selected the correct individuals and which one you should hire?

– Are you selecting a successor for a significant position? If yes, be careful and consult with others

With the help of several interviews, background checks and several other assessments you should be able to gather a scope about the individual.

Here is one assessment that can help you:

“The Big Five model is a comprehensive, empirical, data-driven research finding. Identifying the traits and structure of human personality has been one of the most fundamental goals in all of psychology.” (Source: Wikipedia; for more information please visit – Wikipedia)

And the last thing, please be wise when hiring, it can save you lots of time and money, be sure to check references and ask important questions about candidate’s performance and overall behavior. In addition, ask why did he/she left the previous employment place? This should help you understand the reasons why the individual is looking for work.